Pre-Congress Virtual Sessions

All virtual sessions will be hosted via Zoom and will be accessible through the website's detailed programme (insert link). Presenting authors will be able to share their screen and present their paper or case study in any format they prefer, as long as it is within the allowable time. 

To make sure your virtual presentation goes smoothly, you must:

  1. be online and available 15 minutes before the session.
  2. have a reliable and fast internet connection.
  3. test your microphone and video camera.
  4. test your slides have a non-distracting environment around you during the presentation

Zoom Virtual Background: You may use virtual backgrounds as you prefer. You may also download here the official virtual background for the ISOCARP 2022 Congress. Please note that this feature works best with green physical background and in a room with sufficient lighting. Check out the instructions to set up Zoom virtual backgrounds via this link.

I. Live Presentations 

The Pre-Congress virtual Sessions will comprise of live presentations of Research Papers and Case Studies, while there will be around 20 minutes at the end for questions and open discussion. All speakers/presenting authors are expected to present live and participate actively during their session. Please take note that all sessions will be recorded for archiving and will remain accessible to all registered attendees of the 58th WPC, even after the Congress.Therefore, please do not include sensitive information that cannot be shared publicly. 

  • Presentation Length: Max. 8 minutes.
  • Please use the provided Power Point template.
  • Submit your Research Paper/Case Study Presentation by 15th of September.

Pre- Recorded Presentations

In exceptional occasions, when there is fear of an unstable internet connection and other technical problems, authors are permitted to prepare a PRE-RECORDED video of their presentation, which will be projected during the online meeting by our technical administrators. Authors are required to be present in the session, even if their presentation is Pre-Recorded and projected. If authors are not present, we can NOT guarantee that their recording will be played in the session as this will remain at the discretion of the Congress Team. These recordings need to be provided beforehand. The Congress Team will inform you on how to provide them. 

*Please note that this comes in addition to the submission of the Power Point Presentation required for all presenter of the Virtual Sessions. Please submit your presentation by the 15th of September as required. In addition, please submit your Pre-recorded presentation by the 19th of September.


The video presentations should be sent with the following specifications:

  • Time: Your presentation should NOT be any longer than 8 minutes.
  • File size: 100MB max
  • Video file format: .mp4
  • Dimensions: minimum height 480 pixels, aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 720p HD max
  • File name: Submission ID of the contribution, Track number, and the full name of the presenting author (i.e., ISO123_T1_FirstnameLastname)
  • Submit your pre-recorded video by the 19th of September


Recording should include a presentation of prepared slides with audio. It is highly recommended to include a picture-in-picture (PIP) video window visibly showing the presenting author. For papers and case studies with multiple authors, we recommend having only one author on the recording. Please be sure to include in the video presentation the title of the paper, the track number, and the name of the authors.

**By sending us a pre-recorded video, speakers/presenting authors agree to the use of the provided information for the organization of Congress in accordance with the Privacy Policy of ISOCARP. The aforementioned pre-recorded videos will be available during the entire duration of the congress. 


Recording Tips and Guidelines

  • Record your video in a quiet environment and speak calmly and clearly
  • Avoid areas that have an echo (i.e., choose a small room, preferably with carpets or curtains as these deaden sound reflection and muffle noise)
  • Use a headset with the microphone about an inch from the side of your mouth, but not touching it. Try to avoid using the default built-in microphone on the computer.
  • Do record only in landscape/horizontal mode. Position yourself centrally in front of the camera and ensure that your face is sufficiently lightened; avoid strong light from the background. The best quality can be achieved by asking someone to assist and stand/sit in front of the camera with a neutral background or outside for better light.
  • Audio quality: Do a review of the sound and picture quality on other devices. If you only record a video, you will most likely record audio and video jointly, so choose a device that combines both in good quality. To allow for later editing, try to do some pauses; most importantly in the beginning and end to avoid cut-offs, but also in the middle. This allows to edit several recordings into the best version.

    There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation. You may show your face via webcam (if you prefer) and display your slides as you talk. You can use any meeting software as long as you get a good quality recording, and your final file is in the MP4 format. Here are some links to instructions on recording a meeting on common platforms:
  • Zoom: Local Recording – Zoom Help Center
  • Skype: Skype for Business: Recording a Meeting | Information Technology Services | Bemidji State University
  • Google Meet: Record a video meeting - Meet Help
  • GoToMeeting: How to Record a GoToMeeting Session | Techwalla and How to Convert and Open the GoToMeeting Recordings
  • Microsoft Teams: Record a meeting in Teams - Office Support
  • PowerPoint: If you prefer to audio-record your presentation with PowerPoint, follow these instructions to record but save it as a .mp4 file by following these instructions. (IMPORTANT: We will not accept .ppt or .pptx files for recordings).

In-person Presentations in Brussels

The Congress Team will contact the authors/presenters of their Track, to indicate the allocated time allowed per presentation. This may vary slightly per track, depending on the number of presentations scheduled. Please follow the Presentation guidelines as indicated in the Guidelines For Submissions document.


The Congress Team will reach out to authors/presenters and will request for their Power Point presentation to BE SUBMITTED BEFOREHAND, by an indicated date. In the initial Guidelines, submission of presentations was not required, but in order to make the experience of presenters smoother at the venue at the day of the event, it was decided to collect the presentations beforehand and make them available to presenters when they enter their sessions, with the support of our technical staff. 

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